Art on the Avenue


Otocast is a free app for your phone, a mobile audio guide that will give you information about each sculpture that you can read and listen to—and will get you to the sculpture’s location. You can also explore online on a computer!

Download Otocast, our public art walking tour for Manitou Springs

The 2023 Art on the Avenue Installations are coming soon!

Art on the Avenue is the longest-running public art program in the region. Creative Alliance Manitou Springs (CRANE) will install 4 new outdoor artworks in 2023 as part of its Art on the Avenue program. These works will be on display for 2 years. The works will be included in CRANE’s free self-guided walking tour app (via Otocast) which includes commentary from artists themselves.

2022 Art on the Avenue: Sesquicentennial Edition

In honor of the City’s 2022 Sesquicentennial Celebration, we doubled the number of curated works usually installed each year and added a mural for the first time. You can take a walking tour of the latest installations by starting at the City’s Mobility Hub located at 10 Old Mans Trail 80829. From there, stroll towards Downtown Manitou Springs through Memorial Park and Seven Minute Spring. We’ve ordered the works below from east to west. The exhibition of visiting works will be on display for 1-2 years.

“The Dance of TAVA” by K8e Orr and Joel Newmiller

This Manitou Springs Mobility Hub Mural design is inspired by a historical postcard from the collection of Deborah Harrison depicting the building during its 1920’s dance hall phase. The community voted on their favorite color story and this was the winning treatment. Volunteers painted portions during Arts Month October with sponsorship from the Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region and funding in part from the Manitou Arts Culture and Heritage Initiative.

Learn more about the building’s history and future here.

Location: 10 Old Mans Trail Manitou Springs, CO 80829
Medium: Acrylic paint on Zip System plywood weatherboard
Price: Contact us for information

“Alluvium” by Pard Morrison

I fabricate my sculptures by welding together plates of 3/16” aluminum. I use color as a compositional tool. The colorful surfaces are achieved by individually applying and heat curing each color. A final protective clear coat of then fired over the entire sculpture. It’s my hope that the viewer leaves experiencing my sculpture with a sense of joy.

“Spiral Dance Flourish” by Harold Linke

Spiral Dance is an organic, curved counterpoint to contemporary architecture. The Oregon-based artist suggests that the white finish draws the eye to her hopeful, joyous dance.

Location: Seven Minute Spring Park, Manitou Springs, CO 80829
Medium: Steel
Price: $9,845

“Revivification” by Zach Tabb

This cast iron recliner covered in fungus is meant to be an artifact of human existence. What would happen to all our possessions if there were no one around to keep nature from repossessing urbanized areas? By taking something impermanent and making it permanent, he explores the interaction of human and nature and our ability to heal and regrow. This chair is meant to be interacted with—won’t you sit down?

Location: Seven Minute Spring Park, Manitou Springs, CO 80829
Medium: Solid cast iron
Price: $4,000

“Sun Shadow Moon Light” by Sean Yarbrough

A functional sundial that pays homage to heavenly cycles that bring balance and harmony to earth. As a viewer reads time, they are pulled in by the fiery sun at the center, just like the planets in our heliocentric galaxy. There are 7 seven moon phases depicted and painted on the base is a cosmic scene with the 12 astrological star constellations, another method of how we’ve kept track of time throughout the ages.

“Sandstorm” by Justin Deister

“Sandstorm” is meant to remind us to become good stewards of our natural resources and learn to share and live in peace. Justin Deister is a Colorado-based artist from Boulder County.

Location: 735 Manitou Avenue 80829
Medium: Mixed media: natural stone, plex, metal, concrete
Price: $9,000

“Germination” by Gregory Fields

An artist based in Lafayette, Colorado, Greg Fields is inspired by the fascinating carvings found in pre-Columbian Mayan ceramics and stonework, and the free-spirited abstract design of Matisse’s paper cutouts.

Location: 934 Manitou Ave. 80829
Medium: Ceramic, steel, cement board, mortar, grout
Price: $7,900

“Comforting Melody” by Antonio Flaminio

The artist transforms trash into stunning works of art that evoke instant recognition. This guitar is composed of hundreds of scrap metal pieces in good condition, including old tools, screws, wrenches, a forklift chain, bicycle and automobile parts, and others.

Location: 962 Manitou Ave. 80829
Medium: Welded scrap metal
Price: $7,000

“Eternal Compass” by Alex DiFiore

This composition is a kinetic prayer-wheel made for my hometown of Manitou Springs. Inviting the community to pray, heal and pay homage in their own special way.

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