A family friendly tourist town and walkable city for our residents, the Manitou Springs Creative District is working with the City and Chamber to coordinate a bigger and better holiday lighting plan for all!  We believe that a well-lit community will bring us together during the holidays. 

An annual project, different aspects of the City will be high-lighted each year.


Voted the #1 priority in the POST plan (PARAB & OSAC) and an important part of Plan Manitou, the development of a City-wide Creek Walk is in the works.  The Creative District will support this effort through grant-writing and involving creatives in the design process.  Imagine a multi-themed outdoor experience that incorporates nature, health & wellness, artistic elements and an alternate way to safely navigate our community!


Affordable, high-speed internet for all!  Beginning with a ballot measure this fall, the City of Manitou Springs is working toward improving our ability to support the tech industry, home-based employment opportunities,  and our day-to-day internet access.  Recognizing its economic development potential, the Manitou Springs Creative District is coordinating this effort  as a mechanism to support many of the tech-related Creative Industries in our community.  We have taken the lead on this project and are working closely with HR Green to “light-up” our part of the world.