More than a workout: Building community

Keith Haring Fitness

Where Are We In the Process?
Manitou Springs can feel honored to be interviewed and invited to apply. With the support of the City Council and in partnership with the Manitou Springs Arts Council and the Manitou Springs Art Center, we recently sent in the application and are waiting for the response. The project represents a competitive process that began identifying 100 communities across the country that will ultimately lead to only 10 fully-licensed fitness courts–and only one in any given state.

National Fitness Campaign

Public Art
Keith Haring (1958-1990) was one of the most iconic American artists of the 20th century. He generously contributed his talents and resources to numerous causes. He conducted art workshops with children, created logos and posters for public service agencies, and produced murals, sculptures, and paintings to benefit health centers and disadvantaged communities. As an art student, he famously wrote, “The public has a right to art…Art is for everybody.”

This installation would feature a low-maintenance vinyl representation of his work licensed five years before allowing the community to recover the fabricated metal court with a new design.

Mental Health
The combination of exercise, time outdoors, and social contact is a powerful formula for not only physical health, but mental health. Those three pillars are all scientifically proven to have a positive impact on an individuals overall mood, sense of belonging and happiness.

As an example, clinical studies prove each of these activities in isolation can reduce depression in adults. Their combined effect is estimated to have a significant impact on mental health.