Pollination Station volunteers

What are Pollination Stations?

Pollination Station Planters are multi-purpose streetscape enhancements that provide pollinator-friendly plants through important public and private partnerships. Each Station is an opportunity to give back to both the people and pollinators of our community through focused container gardening. Pollination Stations help us create:

  • Streetscape beautification
  • Community engagement
  • More habitat and nutrition for local pollinators like butterflies, moths and bees
  • Another step toward earning Butterfly Pavilion certification as a Pollinator District in addition to existing collaborations with the City of Manitou Springs and the local School District

Who are our Volunteers?

  • Armadillo Ranch and the Family of Armadillos
  • Jenai Freng
  • Indian Oaks Gals
  • Christine Lowenberg
  • Judith Chandler In Honor of Lucia Eagleheart and Roanin Caro
  • Neale Minch
  • Manitou Springs School District 14
  • Keithley Pines Historic Cabins
  • LolaBorealis Upcycled Glass Jewelry
  • Holland and the Temple Bunch
  • Emily Sawyer
  • Manitou Springs Pollinators
  • Angela Hartshorn and Jannine Scott
Planter Cleanout Volunteers:
  • Elizabeth Domangue
  • Christina Baker
  • Holland Temple
  • Melody Daugherty
  • Elizabeth Drolet
  • Judith Chandler
  • Barbara Winter
  • Joan Stang

What Do Adoptive Gardeners Receive?

1. Plants and hands-on training to plant the Pollination Sations
2. Adoption recognition signs
3. Supplemental guide to training session
4. Watering equipment
5. SMS text reminders
6. Participation in year-end prizes and recognition

Interested in signing up to be an adoptive gardener? Please click here.

Why Are Pollinators Important?

  • 90% of flowering plants in Colorado require pollinators for fruit and seed production
  • Our nutritional needs are dependent on creatures like bees having their needs met. Local pollinators’ lifespans will be shortened or they’ll become extinct if their nutritional needs are not met with a biodiverse plant buffet
  • Population declines have been observed for pollinator species in North America and around the world, but community efforts to create, protect, and restore new habitat and feeding corridors for pollinators provide more resilience and long-term sustainability

Thank you to our partners and sponsors:

  • Manitou Pollinators
  • Manitou Springs Urban Renewal Authority
  • Manitou Springs Business Improvement District/Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce
  • Funded in part by Colorado Creative Industries and National Endowment for the Arts
  • City of Manitou Springs
  • EconoLodge Manitou Springs
  • Rick’s Garden Center
  • Lulu’s Downtstairs
  • Theo’s Toys
  • Adam’s Mountain Cafe
  • J9 Glass